Shadowlords, the human masters of Asmodea and the other Dark Kingdoms, are exactly like their close cousins the highborne, yet with a far worse disposition. Shadowlords share the same physical proportions as Highborne, 6'0 and 180lbs generally for males, while 5'6 and 150lbs generally for female. Their hair can be the same color, but tends to the darker shades, same with their eyes while their skin is on average paler due to the thick forests they live in.


Where highborne are personable, shadowlords are cruel and unkind. They will often backstab each other to get what they want, and love to manipulate people into doing their biddings. For shadowlords, there is no power greater than ruling themselves over people. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill, and usurp to gain any power they can.


Sour relations plague the shadowlord's tenuous grip over the control of the League, they are in constant political struggle with the four other member races. Their relations with other races are dismal at best, and furious at worst.


While most shadowlords live in a state of relative comfort in their cities, there are a lot of very adventurous types within shadowlord society. They prefer to travel in groups, especially ones that they can manipulate into making them the leader. They rarely will travel alone, if they can help it.


Shadowlords, like most humans can be of any walk of life. They prefer martial classes, like fighters, however they rarely become paladins. Though they're manipulative and cruel, they still make excellent knights. Since they care little for morality, they will often dabble in darker arts, making good shadow priests.


The following is all the rules pertaining to playing a shadowlord human in a campaign set on Erinae.

Physical TraitsEdit

As a human, shadowlords are medium size and can move thirty feet in a single round. They have no strengths or weaknesses for physical attributes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Skilled: A shadowlord is as skilled as any other human, learning quickly and adapting very fast to new situations. As such, they start with 4 extra skill points at first level added onto their base skill point value for their class before multiplication. They also receive four extra skill points every level.

Quick to Master: Being exceptionally gifted at adaptation, shadowlords like any other human can pick up new skills very quickly. As such, they get an extra feat at first level, on top of the two feats normally picked.

Directors of the League: Due to their manipulating nature, shadowlords somehow manage to effect power over other races of the League. They gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate when dealing with any League race, along with beastmen and shas'kai.