Quite possibly the most savage of the civilized races, Orcs are large humanoids resembling humans in a way, if their long ears, fangs and tusks weren't there. They have flat, slitted noses and a gruff exterior. They are often six to six and a half feet tall and can be from two to three hundred pounds. Their skin ranges from deep grey to olive green, sometimes even blue. Their eyes are oftentimes black, but can be red or even white, and have slitted pupils.


Orcs live for one thing; fighting. Their entire society revolves around fighting to the point where most petty disputes are solved with a fistfight. To outsiders this seems barbaric, but to Orcs, any other lifestyle is simply wrong. Often times their social behaviors will bleed into their actions with outsiders.


Orcs have little in the way of good relations. Hated by any other species, they joined the League to prevent themselves from being wiped out entirely. They share a common ancestry with goblins and trolls, and so found strong allies with them. Demon-kin and shadowlords are neutral to orcs.


Orcs prefer to travel with other orcs, trolls and goblins, but due to their fighting nature they rarely get along smoothly in a group. However, they are strong and can prove to be excellent fighters if they can reign in their fighting instinct against the group. Rarely do they travel alone, but when they do, they can be powerful marauders or mercenaries.


Orcs are extremely physical in nature, they often become fighters or monks. Few orcs have the patience necessary to being a knight, but the ones that are knighted are excellent, just like any other martial class. Paladins are a rarity for orcs. Despite being very physical, they show a slight affinity with divine aethyr, making decent clerics and druids. Mages such as sorcerers or wizards also have their share in orc community, but like paladins and knights are rare. They shy away from rogues as they see sneaking as too subtle.


The following is all the rules pertaining to playing an orc in a campaign set on Erinae.

Physical TraitsEdit

While orcs are large by human standards, they aren't as big as trolls or draco. They are medium sized creatures and can move thirty feet in a single round. Orcs have a bonus of +4 to strength, and suffer a penalty of -2 to intelligence and charisma.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Infravision: Orcs have specialized vision to pick up trace heat signatures when there is no available light to see by. They have darkvision, being able to see up to 60 feet in total darkness.