Lightgard, hailing from the north are not your typical elves. These elves are slightly taller, much paler, and instead of wood-colored hairs, they have hair colored like precious metals, such as gold or silver. Often times, especially in combat, their eyes start to glow with a bright blue light, giving the impression that Lightgard are not natives to Erinae at all. Usually, lightgard stand six to six and a half feet tall, weighing in at one hundred and sixty to one hundred and eighty pounds for males, and between one hundred forty and one hundred sixty for females.


Where Elydaar are aloof, Lightgard are zealous. Always there is a higher calling then that of mortal needs, and that calling is their god, Kyrina, the goddess of light. They are brash and unreasonable, especially in matters of religion, and will attack those that openly question their faith.


Due to their abrasive nature, Lightgard are all but hated by every race on Erinae. The only race that actually regards Lightgard amiably are the elves, but only because they feel a sort of kinship between their two species. Lightgard tend to especially not get along well with those they see as heretics, and evil. They are most often than not compelled to kill demon-kin on sight.


Almost always, Lightgard prefer priestly work to adventuring or being mercenaries, however that doesn't mean that there aren't any. Typically, Lightgard are sent on missions regarding gods and demons as they have proven the most effective when facing divine and infernal foes. Lightgard tend to travel alone, or with other Lightgard.


Lightgard prefer the divine classes, making great clerics and paladins. However, they are never druids. Lightgard are also prime candidates for being knighted, as they have the highest amount of knights, aside from the draco of course. Very rarely do Lightgard pursue other kinds of professions, and lightgard rogues are almost all but unheard of. Any Lightgard mages that are open with their spellcraft are executed on sight.


The following is all the rules pertaining to playing a Lightgard in a campaign set on Erinae.

Physical TraitsEdit

Lightgard are medium size and can move thirty feet in a single round. They gain a +2 bonus to wisdom and charisma, while taking no penalties.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Heightened Senses: Lightgard gain a +2 bonus to listen and spot checks.