Highborne are the noble human people who live in the Shining Plains, in the north of the western section of Seriss-kar. Six feet tall, one hundred eighty pounds for the men and five feet, six inches tall and one hundred forty five pounds for the women is average for them. Living in such a climate, they tend to have fair skin, brown to blonde hair and blue or green eyes.


Highborne are typically level-headed, realistic, and reasonable. A strong sense of justice, and a noble attitude are all hallmarks of the Highborne humans. Because of their generally kind nature, they are the face of the Alliance of Light, dealing with most of the diplomatic problems between the other two factions, and the 4 other races of the Alliance.


Highborne are looked highly upon by all the races of the Alliance, especially the Draco whom were saved from their slavery to the trolls. Again, they typically handle most of the diplomatic issues, and are well-known to be fair arbiters when two sides have a dispute. Dwarves, gnomes, and mountain-folk are all in good relations with a highborne.


While most highborne tend to stay within their cities, there are some brave souls who wander Seriss-kar in search of thrills. While some highborne will travel alone, most typically they roam in packs of two to five, the others being close friends of like adventurous mindsets. Often highborne are sent on Alliance-important missions to benefit the Alliance of Light, and civilization itself


Highborne, like most humans can be of any walk of life. However, the noble mindset of the highborne has them shy away from less reputable classes, such as rogues. However, they favor clerics, paladins and noble-minded fighters, even making excellent knights.


The following is all the rules pertaining to playing a highborne human in a campaign set on Erinae.

Physical TraitsEdit

As a human, highborne are medium size and can move thirty feet in a single round. They have no strengths or weaknesses for physical attributes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Skilled: A highborne is as skilled as any other human, learning quickly and adapting very fast to new situations. As such, they start with 4 extra skill points at first level added onto their base skill point value for their class before multiplication. They also receive four extra skill points every level.

Quick to Master: Being exceptionally gifted at adaptation, highborne like any other human can pick up new skills very quickly. As such, they get an extra feat at first level, on top of the two feats normally picked.

Favored By the Alliance: Highbornes' diplomatic skills are very well known across Erinae's inhabited lands. Representing this, they get a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy checks when dealing with Dwarves, Gnomes, Mountain-Folk and any Alliance race.