No one is quite sure where Demon-kin came from, all we know is that to the Lightgard's divinity, they are the infernal. They have roughly the same dimensions as humans however their skin tends to be of the darker shades, from red to dark brown sometimes even black. Their eyes also run the same color. Their hair isn't quite so restricted, being often wild colors like bright red or white, but can be any of the color spectrum. Common features for demon-kin are long ears, horns, spotted skin, tails, and sometimes even hoofed feet.


Demon-kin tend to be abrasive, backstabbing and cruel to their allies and enemies alike. For them, there is no such thing as honor, compassion, or integrity. Their mindset tends towards the dark, and often times they make sarcastic remarks constantly and without fail. However, demon-kin can make powerful allies as they are skilled at sneaking, and hold no qualms about stealing or murdering.


Demon-kin have no good relations, save for with the goblins whom they assisted in crawling out of their holes, and the shadowlords who take unofficial power over the alliance. Trolls and orcs are indifferent to demon-kin, seeing them as tools to use rather than true allies. Demon-kin in particular have bad relations with lightgard who believe that their daemonic filth should be cleansed from the world.


Demon-kin are all about adventure and excitement, often going out of their way to cause trouble for others to get that excitement. They almost always work alone, or sometimes with another person but loathe working in groups. Often times their reputation preceeds them in the group, leading to general suspicion all around.


Sneaky and cruel, demon-kin make great rogues and assassins. However, they can also make good shadow priests, and with their high amount of daemonic aethyr powerful mages as well. The only area that demon-kin lack in is physical combat, which makes them less than average fighters. Demon-kin are almost always not paladins.


The following is all the rules pertaining to playing an infernal demon-kin in a campaign set on Erinae.

Physical TraitsEdit

Demon-kin are medium sized creatures, moving as fast as 30 feet in a single round. Demon-kin gain a bonus of +2 to dexterity, and intelligence, while suffering a penalty of -2 to charisma.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Infravision: Demon-kin can see trace heat signatures in their environment when there is no light to see by. They have darkvision and can see up to 60 feet.

Shadowed Ones: Demon-kin are adept at sneaking, recieving a +2 bonus to Hide and Move Silently.