Let's face it, when walkers come out of the factory, they're pretty. . .basic. Fortunately, there's a booming after-market industry aimed to help you tune your brand new walker to your exacting standards!

First off, you have to have a part. Each part can accommodate upgrades in varying areas. However, each part can only accommodate a certain amount of upgrades based on its Part Level. Level 1 parts can accommodate 5 upgrades, level 2 parts 10, and level 3 parts 15 and up. The only exception to this rule is weapons, which instead use accessories to improve their abilities. A weapon cannot have more than one upgrade per area, however; so you cannot stack Fore Grips if you wanted to.
Price: All upgrades cost the same, starting out cheaper, and getting more expensive as you continue to upgrade the part. The formula is thus: Base Tonnage of the part * (Upgrade Level +1) * 100. Thus, the first upgrade on a Zenislev torso costs 50 * 1 * 100 or C$5,000 The next upgrade, C$10,000 and so on.


  • Available to: All parts
  • Note: When you apply an armor upgrade, the new armor value is used as the 'base' for the next armor upgrade.
Armor Upgrades
Carbon Fibre Rolled Steel Tungsten Carbide
Armor Bonus +10% Armor Bonus +17.5% Armor Bonus +25%
Weight 2t Weight 5t Weight 8t


  • Available to: All parts
  • Note: When applying weight reduction and carry capacity mods, add together all modifiers then apply to the part. Weight reduction modifiers do not modify the cost of upgrading the part they're applied to.
Weight Modifications
Weight Reduction Carry Capacity
Weight Mod -5% Carry Mod +5%


  • Available to: Torso
  • Note: Defense-Class Upgrades require the pilot to reserve AP for them to work.
Torso Upgrades
Defense Class
Armor Type Absorb 5%


  • Available to: Arms
  • Note: Accuracy modifications require the pilot to reserve AP for them to work. Accuracy upgrades for both arms cost only 1 AP for both.
Arm Upgrades
Accuracy Mod 5%


  • Available to: Legs
  • Note: Agility pgrades require the pilot to reserve AP for them to work.
Leg Upgrades
Agility Mod 5%