Personnel FileEdit


  • Name: Nikita Kys
  • Species: Human
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 112lbs
  • Hair: Long, white
  • Eyes: Bright yellow


  • HP: 21 Health Points. The amount of health the character has. Incapacitated at 0. HP=End
  • SP: 20 Skill Points. How often a character can use skills. SP=Int

  • EXP: 0 Points to spend on upgrading skills and attributes, and buying abilities. 3500 to spend.
  • AP: 18 Action Points. How many things you can do in one turn. 10+(1/2 Init)

  • Reflex: 25 Quickness to react. 50pts
  • Endurance: 21 Physical toughness. Directly related to: HP. 20pts
  • Intelligence: 20 Mental sharpness. Directly related to: SP. 20pts
  • Perception: 25 Ability to see threats. 50pts
  • Initiative: 16 Ability to take charge in battle. 30pts


Skills cost 10+Skill Level points to improve. All start at 0.


All Weapon skills use Perception.

  • Pistols: Skill at using semi-automatic one handed weapons
  • Rifles: Skill at using semi-automatic and full-automatic rifles.
  • Shotguns: 15 Skill at using shotguns of all types.
  • Machineguns: 25 Skill at using one-handed and two-handed machineguns.
  • Explosives: Skill at using detonation charges, rockets, bazookas, and grenades.
  • Directed Energy: Skill at using directed energy weapons; Tesla cannons, laser weapons.
  • Ordanance: Skill at using large firearms, like cannons and railguns.
  • Melee: 25 Skill at using melee weapons in combat.


All Piloting skills use Reflex.

  • Light Battlewalkers: Skill at piloting light battlewalkers. Governs ability to dodge and navigate rough terrain.
  • Medium Battlewalkers: As Light, but with Medium walkers.
  • Heavy Battlewalkers: As Light, but with Heavy walkers.
  • Massive Battlewalkers: 30 As Light, but with Massive walkers.
  • Treaded Vehicles: Skill at piloting treaded vehicles. Treaded vehicles cannot dodge.
  • Wheeled Vehicles: Skill at piloting wheeled vehicles. Wheeled vehicles cannot dodge.
  • Rotary Aircraft: Skill at piloting helicpoters. Governs ability to dodge and navigate rough terrain.


All Support skills use Intelligence divided by 10.

  • Repair: 10 Skill at repair. Governs efficiency of repairing parts, and using repair packs.
  • Medicine: Skill at administering medical treatment.
  • Electronic Warfare: 20 Skill at using electronic warfare support.
  • Electronic Support: 20 Skill at using electronic support abilities.


All Resistance skills use Endurance divided by 10.

  • Impact Resistance: 25 Ability to avoid Pilot Stun and Armor Breach.
  • Fire Resistance: 25 Ability to avoid Forced Ejection and Ammo Explosion.
  • Morale: 10 Ability to avoid Surrender
  • Pierce Resistance: 25 Ability to avoid Pilot Damage and Internal Hit.


All Special skills use Initiative

  • Stealth: 0
  • Sensors: 20