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Worlds Edit

Draconia: The world this entire wiki is named after, and the primary world where my fantasy stories take place.

Erinae: Another Dungeons and Dragons-based world, and my current fantasy focus. Enter a world split in three ways, by three separate factions rife with chaos, politics and the ever-present threat of war.

Campaigns Edit

Draconia CampaignsEdit

The Elemental War: Set in Draconia, this details the build up to, the resulting chaos of, and the aftermath of the Elemental War as detailed in Draconia's history.

Rise of the Dark Dragon: Another campaign set in Draconia, this is the story of a band of heroes, who fell during the Elemental War and were given new life in service to the Holy Dragons, who help unwravel the mystery of a new power rising up in the land. They then help the Shining Knight defeat the Dark Dragon on his mission to devour Draconia.

Erinae CampaignsEdit

Brink of Chaos: Set in Erinae, Brink of Chaos is the tale of strained relations between the Alliance of Light, and the League of Daemons, two factions at polar opposites of one another. Players, at the onset of this campaign, are allowed to follow either the Alliance or the League's path through the story. Each path will have more than its share of diplomacy, combat, exploration, subterfuge and possibly even all-out war.

The Stygian Abyss: Another campaign in Erinae. You are accused wrongfully of a crime of kidnapping the King of the High Kingdom, one of the three Highborne kingdoms. His last known whereabouts were near the entrance to The Stygian Abyss; a massive dungeon built by an unknown civilization long-past which is infested with monsters. The High Kingdom has a habit of throwing its worst offenders in the Abyss, and sealing them in with powerful magic. Little do you and the Kingdom know; a terrible evil lurks within the Abyss designed to guard it from the world and even now the bonds are weakening. . .