• Name: Black Rose
  • Piolt: Lunara Silverbane
  • Chassis: M4 Mars Warlord
  • Color: Back
  • Markings: White Outline of a Rose on the right shoulder
  • Class: 280t
  • Height: 24m

Body and EquipmentEdit

M4 Mars Warlord
Unit Price: C$1,184,000
Unit Level: Lv1
Torso Left Arm Right Arm Legs
Price C$560,000 Price C$255,000 Price C$255,000 Price C$410,000
Weight 85t Weight 45t Weight 45t Weight 100t
Armor 525 Armor 400 Armor 400 Armor 520
Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3
Upper Body Capacity 130t Arm Capacity 15t Arm Capacity 15t Capacity 210t
Computer NEWB-100 Accuracy 5% Accuracy 5% Agility 0%
Controls NEWB-100 Shoulder Slot None Shoulder Slot None Mobility 3
Backpack A6M Mender Wrist Mount Slot None Wrist Mount Slot None Jump 1
Accessory 1 None Hand Slot None Hand Slot None Stability 30
Accessory 2 None Special None Special None Holsters 2M, 2R
Accessory 3 None Special None
Special None

Secondary Equipment
Computer Controls Backpack
Name NEWB-100 Name NEWB-100 Name A6M Mender
ECM Resist 0 Accuracy 0 Weight 16t
Skill Slots 4x1 Agility 0 Item Capacity 3x2
Special None Special None Repair 2t10+50*2

Holstered (Left) Holstered (Right) Left Wrist Right Wrist Left & Right Hands Left & Right Hands (Alt)
Name "Oni" Katana Name MP21 Submachinegun Name None Name None Name M16A8 Liberator Name None
Weight 5t Weight 5t Weight None Weight None Weight 9t Weight None
Slot One-H Slot One-H Slot None Slot None Slot Two-Hand Slot None
Category Sword Category SMG Category None Category None Category Assault Rifle Category None
Range 1 Range 5 Range None Range None Range 6 Range None
Damage 2d8+100*2 Damage 2d6+10*2 Damage None Damage None Damage 4d6+45*2 Damage None
Type Piercing Type Piercing Type None Type None Type Piercing Type None
Cycle 1x1 Cycle 5B: 1x5 T9
FA: 1x10 T5(-5ACC)
Cycle None Cycle None Cycle SS: 1x1 (+10 Acc)
3B: 1x3 10T
FA: 1X10 5t (-10 ACC)
Cycle None
Magazine None Magazine 50rd, x2 Magazine None Magazine None Magazine 45 Rounds, x2 Magazine None

Can be wielded
in two hands.
Adds 25% to the
raw bonus if wielded
in two hands.

Optional Equipment
Accessory Accessory Accessory
Name Blank Name Blank Name Blank
Special 1 Blank Special 1 Blank Special 1 Blank
Special 2 Blank Special 2 Blank Special 2 Blank
Special 3 Blank Special 3 Blank Special 3 Blank